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   If you're on my Web site then you probably are, "Looking for Me." First, about this site. It's designed so that companies, individuals or organizations can review my background, experience and portfolio of work. My name is Cameron Aull and I'm a Designer with a variety of experience professionally and independently. Anyone to ask I say that "I work in computer aided design, graphics, technical illustration and drafting". I have been a consultant for over twenty years providing graphic / technical design, IT support and development of online media. I build computers and have worked as an IT administrator in varying roles. But, this site isn't necessarily about all of that. The small images can be "clicked " on if you want to see my work, studio, builds...life, just so you know. Use your "scroll" wheel on your mouse to move through my work. Yeah, I've programmed that to work.

I'm a Professional Graphic Designer... ...not an "Artist"    My work is illustrative principally in marketing, branding company literature, and technical documentation. Yes, I create posters, company logos, informational diagrams and a lot of very cool U.I. (User Interface) icons. That's a lot of work and experience designing with all types of software including CAD applications, design software as well as web development. I know an abundance of programming languages for web design and how graphics interact with interface design. I have fresh ideas coming from years of experience and working with many companies to create original, scalable and informative designs. So take a look through my work and you'll get a better idea of my skill and my unique styles. Contact me and we can chat, I'm very easy to work with and I know I can provide you with solutions to problems you didn't even think of.

I'm a Technical Illustrator... ...with decades in design    I enjoy taking something apart to understand it and hopefully make it better. It's not all about being a senior or an expert at anything in particular. I'm learning everyday and it's something that I expect to always be doing. I work from everywhere. I travel, a LOT. I've worked from, France, Spain, Morocco and I'd lived in San Francisco for about seven years working with companies such as SyBase, Macromedia (now Adobe) and INTEL in Folsom California. I solve complex problems with unique solutions, sometimes really simple solutions. I don't think out of the box, it's somewhere I've never been to have to think out of. I am NOT a resume in a database, a profile on social media, a skill matrix, or a user of any type. I'm an experienced designer with serious passion of everything I put my mind to. Oh, and I'm a biker, hiker, horticulturist, and I build "wicked " patios and decks (see "Things ").

Bump in the Night ...home automation    I seem to come up with ideas that require solutions. My house is a little too big for me at times and the difficulty is finding a light switch at night. Dark stairways, poorly lit halls and I have to get up off the couch to hit a light on or off. Hmmm? O.K? How about if I could "Talk" to my house? How hard could that be? On that... I now have my house talking to me. I set up home automation through micro-controllers, tiny computers, smart switches and bulbs. A long road of programming, Interfaces and electrical wiring behind wall switches. But now, with proximity sensors, motion detection and voice commands my house works on its own. Kinda like my own personal butler. WAY fun to do but then again, I've had a few problems. My house sometimes has a mind of its own. I made a video of my house automation if you wanted to "click" the little icon on the side of this article. Again, it's not perfect but with over 40yrs of IT experience and I'm a REAL handy guy (I can build/repair almost anything), why not! Take a look...

More about me. ...where I am and my studio    So, now that you have a better idea of what I do, a little more about me. I live in this great little house in Calgary, Alberta Canada. I have a huge studio work space that has all of the current technologies for my on-line work. I have two media stations with 42" monitors and I do remote like I'm in the office. I get around by bike and public transit when I have to so I'm rarely driving my car. It's just a better day for me to get somewhere if I can get there by bike. It's also nice as I seem to "dawdle" on the way back home by distractions of architectural design, signage and people going about their days. I don't have a mobile phone. Or, an answering machine. Yeah, I know most people do these days but I just wouldn't be able to live like that. If I'm home I answer the phone when it rings. Away, then I'm out doing things I would rather be doing than answering a phone. That's OK, I know when you call and since I do work from my studio I can always pick up the phone. And, I video conference (SKYPE - aulldotcam).

If it's broken ...you can't break it anymore by taking it apart    When I'm not working on web, graphic design or technical illustrations you can find me working on building architectural structures or in my garage on a "Project ". I build patios, porches and decks for my friends and family and I fix almost everything I can. I've worked in Alaska, France, Spain, Morocco, England and 6 years in California in some form of design or another (I'm a Tourist ). I weld, and I'm a carpenter, electrician, plumber and I know how to shingle a roof (thanks YouTube ). I know glass blowers (Lee Miltier), iron workers (Melissa MacDonald Metalworks), painters, geologists, engineers, presidents, entrepreneurs. I help when I can and I'm excellent at appliance repair. My friends seem to be always feuding with their washer, dryer or some other household appliance. It's OK, I can fix all of that with no problem. I spent three years as a Horticultural clerk for a Gardening outlet and I'm an exceptional landscape designer. And as many years in a comedy club as just about everything including MC, bartender, bouncer (in a comedy club? ) and talent liaison.

Really finding me. The obligatory Google Map.
    By Calgary Transit (bus) from downtown it's the #2 South to 17th Ave and Richmond Rd SW. Or, you can get the LRT to the Shaganappi Point CTrain Station. Then walk South on 26th St to 17th Ave, down towards the city center on 17th, to Richmond Rd (you cross over Crowchild Trail bridge) and then I'm about two blocks up (South) then right on 20th Ave. Parking in the back is on 21st Ave. It's about 30 minutes to my place from the City Center. Oh, and the #300 bus from the Airport into downtown if you're flying in. Make sure you get a bus transfer when you first get on any of the buses. This is just for anyone that maybe coming from another country, like Couch Surfers. I'm a HUGE fan of couchsurfing....
It can be a little like the U.N. around my place over the summer months.

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